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How to position your doll

- How to position your doll -

❤︎ First slightly cross the ankles.

❤︎ Place fingers over crossed ankles then grip the top of her legs firmly giggling back & forth a little to help lock them in place.

❤︎ Gently place your thumb & pointer finger on her chest & her back. Then bend her legs so she is on a 90° angle.

❤︎ Place her on the edge of the table (or somewhere sturdy)

❤︎ Sit her bottom back roughly 4-5cm back from the edge. Hold her ankles again & bend her legs over the edge like shown.

❤︎ If her arms, legs or head need adjusting, just gently position them into place. She won’t break as her inner body is made of wire. But always be careful & take care as she is not a toy.

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.